our programsRobot! - choreography by Bianca Li

Robot! - choreography by Bianca Li

Robot !
Choreography, artistic direction Blanca Li
Musical robots, Maywa Denki
Scenography, Pierre Attrait
Light, Jacques Chatelet
Music, Tao Gutierrez
In partnership with Aldebaran for the NAO robots
Dancers, Yacnoy Abreu Alfonso, Emilie Camacho, Géraldine Fournier, Yann Hervé, Aliashka Hilsum, Samir M'Kirech, Margalida Riera Roig, Gael Rougegrez and 8 robots

Eight dancers and the musically animated humanoids of the Japanese collective Maywa Denki are directed by Blanca Li and investigate the relationship between man and machine, in the particular context where robots tend to become more and more human.
This innovative performance is immediately engaging and the audience is dazzled by the technical prowess of the robotic choreography.

A futuristic fantasy, 'Robot!', Blanca Li's new creation for the Montpellier Dance Festival, is one of these unidentified objects the choreographer from Andalusia particularly enjoys. In this approach to 'total theatre', she involves eight dancers and the animated humanoids of the Japanese collective Maywa Denki. The resulting opera takes stock of a world in which mathematics and technology try to harness human life and design thinking machines. Machines with desires... A post-dadaist choreographer, influenced by psychoanalytically-minded Martha Graham and her native city of Granada where she was a gymnast at the age of twelve, Blanca Li enjoys a comical and poetical form of humour. Her 'Garden of Earthly Delights' after Hieronymus Bosch, premiered at Montpellier in 2009, her opera 'Rag Time' after Scott Joplin, a commercial for the Longchamp brand and a show for Jean-Paul Gaultier all partake of her invitation to 'come and dance with me'. 'Robot!' clearly belong to this tradition.

Recorded at the Maison des Arts & de la Culture de Créteil
TV directors, Blanca Li et Gaetan Chataigner

Genre : Danse
Length : 01:23:30
Director : Blanca Li et Gaetan Chataigner