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This month on Mezzo

Mezzo is a channel for discoveries, following the artists closely.

Every month we feature different artists and repertoires with concerts, live performances, exclusive footage and documentaries.

Chamber Music

Chamber music is revealed in all its facets, from the baroque repertoire (with Jean Rondeau) to Szymanowski. Each time, you’ll have exceptional interpreters, and in particular, quartets that are still young but already mythical as the Artemis or the Belcea quartets.

Quatuor Artemis
Dvorák, Chostakovitch, Tchaïkovski 
Quatuor Tetzlaff
Mozart, Chostakovitch, Sibelius  
Quatuor Modigliani
Mozart, Chostakovitch, Schumann 
Quatuor Casals
Schubert, Chostakovitch, Beethoven 
Quatuor Belcea
Franck, Debussy
Balba Skride (violon), Vilde Frang (violon), Ula Uljona (alto), Sol Gabetta (violoncelle), Bertrand Chamayou (piano)               
Jean Rondeau et l'Ensemble Nevermind
Bach, Telemann 
Daniil Trifonov
Bach, Beethoven, Liszt
Kit Armstrong et Andrej Bielow
Szymanowski, Debussy 
Bach : L’Art de la fugue 
Bob van Asperen, Olivier Baumont (clavecins)
Nelson Goerner et  Paul Meyer
Schubert, Mendelssohn