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This month on Mezzo

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Chick Corea

He is beloved by both classical lovers and jazz fans. His energy, his intelligence of the keyboard exceeds all the cleavages. Chick Corea is immortal!
Piano solo et Children songs 
Chick Corea with Stanley Clarke
Chick Corea (piano), Stanley Clarke (bass)
Piano solo 
Chick Corea:  piano solo, Space Defined, North Brazil, Present Time
Robert Mellin et Guy Wood: My one and only Love – Bud Powell: Oblivion – Alexander Scriabin: Prelude No. 2 – Thelonius Monk: Crepuscule for Nellie, Round Midnight 
Chick Corea & The Vigil
Chick Corea (piano, keyboard), Charles Altura (guitar), Tim Garland (saxophone, flute, clarinet), 
Luisito Quintero (drums), Marcus Gilmore (drums), Carlitos Del Puerto (bass)